79th National Folk Festival w/ Artesanas Mexicanas

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79th National Folk Festival w/ Artesanas Mexicanas

SAT & SUN SEP 7-8 | 12-5PM | Location- Downtown Salisbury

Artesanas Mexicanas demonstrate award-winning demonstrations, the cultural significance of the piñata tradition, and workshops on corn husk flower-making during the 79th National Folk Festival, presented in partnership with Maryland Traditions, the folklife program of the Maryland State Arts Council. Meet the talent behind Artesanas Mexicanas:  Flor Gallegos, Lilia Torres, Maria del Carmen Lopez, Fabiola Lopez, Rosa Vazquez, Yesenia Mejia and Maria Gabriela Aldana

For more information: https://nationalfolkfestival.com/music-artists/maryland-folklife/

The Maryland Traditions Folklife Area & Stage celebrate and showcase the rich, living traditions of Maryland—from its Atlantic beaches to the Appalachian Mountains. With a different theme each year, the Folklife Area will shine the spotlight on the distinctive music, rituals, crafts, occupations, foodways, and other traditions at the heart of Maryland heritage, expressing both the state’s deep history and its evolving character.

Performances, demonstrations, displays, exhibits, and narrative presentations by Maryland master artisans and performers will explore a wide range of topics, including the traditions of its First Peoples, the cultural legacies of early settlers, and the expressions of the newest Maryland residents whose cultural roots are in far-flung places around the globe.

SAT & SUN | SEP 7-8 | 12-5PM | Location: Downtown Salisbury​ -Visit https://nationalfolkfestival.com/music-artists/maryland-folklife/  for more info.

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