Paul Muldoon & Rogue Oliphant

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Paul Muldoon & Rogue Oliphant

$25, $22 MEMBERS (+$3 At the door)

Rogue Oliphant is a loose affiliation of musicians and composers who work on songs and spoken word pieces written by the Pulitzer Prize winning Irish poet Paul Muldoon.

Among those who have been most closely associated with Rogue Oliphant are Chris Harford on guitar (Three Colors, Band of Changes), David Mansfield (Bob Dylan’s band Rolling Thunder Review, The Alpha Band, award-winning film and television composer), Cait O’Riordan on bass guitar (The Pogues), Warren Zanes (The Del Fuegos), Ray Kubian on drums (Solar Motel Band, Dean Ween Group). The band’s first CD, I Gave the Pope a Rhino was recorded at Room 17, Brooklyn, in June 2016.

Muldoon holds the Howard G.B. Clark chair in Humanities at Princeton University. He's been a writer for the New Yorker since 2007. Interviewed for On Being, on the release of a collection of lyrics for Rogue Oliphant, Muldoon stated “poetry comes in all sorts of forms, all kinds of forms, all shapes, all manner of ways. And I think if we take into account all the manifestations of poetry in the world — including some in prose fiction, by the way, and nonfiction — with the ways in which it goes back to some of its earliest sources, the riddle, the prayer, the charm, the incantation, which, of course, were all forms of poetry in some societies, and continue to be, I think, in many. If one accepts, in one’s expansiveness, rock ‘n’ roll, and rap, and country music.”

SAT NOV 17 | 8PM | $25, $22 MEMBERS (+$3 At the door)

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