OPENING RECEPTION: No Dust In Heaven - Cole Chickering and George Wylesol

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OPENING RECEPTION: No Dust In Heaven - Cole Chickering and George Wylesol

@ The Amalie Rothschild Gallery

FRI DEC 7 | 6-8PM
Event Type: Exhibitions


Reception: FRI DEC 7 | 6-8PM

On View: DEC 7-29

In conjunction with Alice Gadzinski’s Haute Glue Retrospective, the two artists she planned on collaborating with prior to her passing will exhibit their dual exhibition.


I collect found photos and illustrations, focusing on images of women pulled from secondhand print materials like textbooks, health and lifestyle guidebooks, and encyclopedias. These original sources are designed to instruct, indoctrinate, and portray a simplified realism. Warmed by the comfortable context of female archetypes, the semiotics of being a good citizen are presented in familiar vignettes. Through splicing recurrent themes with collage, and blowing up their scale to formidable proportions, these figures both embrace and alienate their viewers with aspirational relatability.


Susan, 68, lives alone. Her workplace is across the street from her house. She has never left her neighborhood. Her boring and passive life is punctuated by nightly visits from a malevolent spirit, the ghost of a bitter witch, a violent sorcerer locked in the basement, a hateful poltergeist, the insane sheeted man with long wooden legs. This body of work was made in her honor, an anatomy of a life lived on the edge of a nightmare.

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