1814: The Rock Opera

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1814: The Rock Opera

Saturday Night Sold Out!

Sat & Sun Sep 7 & 8 8pm Sat, 8pm Sun
$20, $15 mbrs. & stus.

The world's first—and finest—rock opera about the War of 1812 reimagines early 19-century American history as 1970s-style hard-rock spectacle. The burning of Washington, D.C. and the Battle of Baltimore come to thunderous life in a cycle of original songs performed live by singers, dancers, and a full rock band. Inventive, irreverent, and inspirational, 1814! turns a forgotten war into an unforgettable musical theater experience. $20, $15 mbrs. & stus. Sat 8pm, Sun 8pm. Adv tix sug. This will be loud.

Washington Post writer Steve Vogel, author of Through The Perilous Fight: Six Weeks That Saved The Nation, gives a rollicking introduction to the action of 1814. He will also lead a post-show Q & A with the show’s authors. Comedian Jim Meyers is your not so serious host for the evening.

Video of Big Ass Flag by Canadian filmmakers…takes a bit to load… but worth it!

Learn more on the official website!

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