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Fundamentals of Improv: Level 3 w/ Highwire Improv

Wed, Jul 10th 6:30 pm in the Creativity Center Classroom Two


Registration price includes all classes in the series and a showcase!

Members Registration

Registration price includes all classes in the series and a showcase!

Prerequisite: Improv Level 2 or equivalent training

Students will continue their growth from Fundamentals of Improv Level 2 to begin developing their own performance style and begin learning other forms beyond the Montage. By exploring a wide variety of improv skills, including game, character, walk-ons, tag-outs, openings, and callbacks, students will build a personal toolbox for their improv journey.

Where: Creativity Center, 3137 Eastern Ave. Baltimore, MD 21224
Class: WEDNESDAYS | JUL 10 – AUG 14 | 6:30-8:30PM
Showcase: WED AUG 21 | 7:30 PM
Age Range: Adults
Cost: $225 standard, $200 members
Materials: All supplies provided!

About Highwire Improv
Improv is the process of a community coming together to make art in real time. Although there are many improv techniques, training programs, and performance practices, at Highwire Improv our process begins with community. That includes our performers, the people of Baltimore, and the larger improv community across the world. Our motto, Community First, commits us to learning how we can all create theater, and bring our community to the world through the art of improv. We are a reaction to the negative impulses and incentives we have seen in improv, in theater, and in our daily lives.


Kristen McKenzie (she/her) is an improviser, educator, and founding board member of Highwire Improv. Originally from Charleston, SC, she has lived in Baltimore for more than ten years. She has trained with Baltimore Improv Group and the Magnet and PIT in NYC. She enjoys all kinds of improv, but dramatic improv has a special place in her heart. She believes improv is a consent-based art form and is passionate about creating improv spaces for everyone. She performs regularly with her troupes Babeprov, Local Spot, Important Screws, Topiary, and Whatever This Is. When not improvising she enjoys cooking, gardening, and spending time with her husband Barry and their three beautiful cats.

Katie Overbey (she/her) began her improv journey in 2018 under the guise of professional development as part of a class in grad school. She fell in love with the way improv could turn a group of science nerds into funny, cohesive performers, and she’s been hooked ever since. Katie has performed with various groups, including Babeprov in Baltimore and Game Knights at The Armory in NYC. She considers Highwire Improv her home base, and when she’s not doing improv, she’s working as a food ingredient regulator, knitting, or snuggling her pets.

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