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Artist Talk | dancing with my shadows: a journey to self discovery

Hope McCorkle Exhibition

Fri, Jul 12th 6:30 pm in the The Marquee Lounge

Free for everyone

Galleries are free to the public. RSVPs are appreciated.

Exhibition Opening: FRI JUN 28 | 6-9PM
On View: FRI JUN 28 – SAT  AUG 17
Artist Talk: FRI JUL 12 | 6:30PM | Marquee Lounge
Workshop: THU AUG 1 | 6PM | Creativity Center
Performance: FRI AUG 9 | 7PM | The Theater

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Join Visual Arts Director, Joy Davis, and Resident Artist, Hope, in conversation about the exhibition “dancing with my shadows” and their upcoming performance.

“dancing with my shadows: a journey to self-discovery” is an immersive solo exhibition exploring the evolution of HOPE, reflecting on her inner journey towards self-discovery. The artwork is a testament to HOPE’s exploration of her inner world, delving into the realms of spirituality, self-love, shadow work, and healing. These self-portraits capture moments of vulnerability and transformation, reflecting her personal quests to understand and accept her shadows and mental health, seeking inner peace.

Self-discovery is an ongoing voyage of the soul. The sensual and evocative pieces and performance invite the audience to celebrate the power of self-expression and spiritual growth, encouraging viewers to contemplate the beauty and sensuality inherent in each of us, fostering a deeper connection to our own bodies and desires. The work in the exhibition also serves as a visual diary, preserving memories, fleeting moments in time, and the songs that regenerate them. “dancing with my shadows: a journey to self-discovery” is an intimate exploration of the profound, the sensual, the healing, and the transformative, all framed within the lens of self-portraiture and captured moments in time.

Artist Bio
HOPE (Tonisha Hope McCorkle) is an interdisciplinary artist and performer whose canvas is not just a surface but a portal for healing. She creates transformative and emotionally resonant works of art through painting, collage, movement, and sculpture. Weaving together the threads of memories, color, and symbolism, HOPE constructs evocative representations that go beyond visual perception. Her creations provide a space for introspection, inviting viewers to explore the profound processes of transformation, intimacy, and self-discovery. Through her unique blend of storytelling and visual expression, HOPE’s art not only invites observation but encourages a deep, empathetic connection that transcends the canvas.

Through education and soul food, HOPE nurtures spirit and community by teaching healing through art to the youth and sharing her passion for cooking through immersive experiences. HOPE makes up half of the artist collective Hope and Faith ♡, an interdisciplinary art collaborative formed with twin sister, FAITH (Eleisha Faith McCorkle). Their work serves as testaments to healing by example, honoring the Black mother, spirit, food, and childlike wonder in the stories told through their scrolls, films, installations, and other creations.

HOPE’s vision extends beyond herself, embracing a higher purpose that dives deep into the soul, inviting others to join her on a journey of hope, healing, and exploration.

Special Thanks

This project is supported in part by the Maryland State Arts Council. To discover more about the Maryland State Arts Council and how they impact Maryland, visit

Maryland State Arts Council

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