Global culture

Fri Jan 10

Cheikh Lô is one of the great mavericks of African music. A superb singer, guitarist,  and percussionist he has created his sound, an evolution of Senegalese mbalax, the intricate dance music of Senegal, by incorporating a variety of West African music.

Lô dedicates both his life and music to Baye Fall, a specifically Senegalese form of Islam. It’s a part of the larger Islamic brotherhood of Mouridism which was established by Bamba (Cheikh Ahmadou Bamba M’Becke) at the end of the 19th century. Bamba’s closest disciple Cheikh Ibra Fall established the Baye Fall movement.  Lo’s own visual style is inspired by  the Baye Fall trademarks - patchwork clothes and long dreadlocks.

Thu Jan 16

Tufan Derince, at the crest of a wave of young Kurdish musicians who have swept over the corridor linking Diyarbakır—the capital of Kurdish culture in Southeast Turkey—with urban centers of Kurdish migration along the Eastern Mediterranean, has performed at hundreds of weddings across Turkey. Recently relocated to the Netherlands he has already made a major impact on Kurdish music scenes in Europe, collaborating with refugee Kurdish musicians from Syria, creating a novel blend of electronic pop and heavy electrified Kurdish folk music.

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