Workshops and Classes

From hands-on workshops exploring new materials and techniques to professional development programs and networking opportunities, our commitment to providing resources for Baltimore artists has been part of our mission from day one.

Sun Jan 5

Film Lovers! This is a class for film enthusiasts who want to study movies as an art form. View each film in its entirety and have a lively discussion about its place in movie history. From the silent era to the 1960s we look at seven films over six sessions. Explore a wide range from from Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin to John Huston and John Frankenheimer. Please contact Creative Alliance for the class syllabus.

Tue Jan 14

Learn ukulele in one of Creative Alliance’s most popular ongoing workshops – bring your own instrument and learn 2 – 3 songs in each engaging lesson.

Sat Jan 25

In this workshop you will create a beautiful still life image of flowers in a vase on a table using… MAKEUP! Participants will use lipstick, eye shadow, and other cosmetics to create a table, vase, and flowers. Your unique, eye-catching piece will have audiences asking, “How did you make that?”

Tue Feb 4

In this FREE eight-week art class students are encouraged to celebrate their unique attributes by exploring concepts of science fiction, culture, fantasy, math, art, and science. Youth will explore how to tap into their own super strength and use elements of science, technology, and literature to think about ways to make our world a better place.

Thu Feb 20

Punch Needle is an easy to learn, versatile embroidery technique that uses a pen-like tool with a hollow threaded needle tip transform looped fibers into lovely piled designs. You can use a wide range of materials as a base cloth, various threads, yarn, or fibers for punching. There are many design options. You can create small, ornamental motifs to large-scale wall or floor landscapes. There’s a punch needle piece for everyone!

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