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Information about narrative films.

Thu Feb 21

Buckjumping is a feature-length documentary about dance traditions in New Orleans, observing both their contemporary expression and abiding significance. The film follows six communities as they demonstrate ownership of the streets of New Orleans, commemorate their dead, forge community, and find spiritual transcendence.

Thu Mar 7

CAN I KICK IT? is a unique film experience, produced by SHAOLIN JAZZ, that caters to the lovers of Martial Arts flicks, the music they inspired and everything else in between.  At each CAN I KICK IT? event SHAOLIN JAZZ screens a cult-classic martial arts film and the movie is given a unique scene-by-scene score featuring a blend of Hip Hop, Soul, Funk and more mixed live by SHAOLIN JAZZ co-founder DJ 2-Tone Jones, using his turntables.   The result - your movie experience redefined where 2-Tone creates a live mixtape (sound track) to each movie, even accentuating specific scenes with special DJ techniques.

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