The Creative Alliance presents more than 20 exhibitions per year, featuring work by artists at different points in their careers who work in a range of styles and media. We look for new ways to present what they do, new artists for them to collaborate with, and innovative ways to expand the meaning of their work.

Fri May 3

Tryouts is the first group show of the artist collective The Book Club, made up of James Williams, Katherine Mann, Madeleine Cutrona, and Tommy Dahlberg. This multidisciplinary exhibition highlights creative conversations which took place amongst the group over the last two years and focused on what it meant to be a working artist community. This exhibition features many modes of exploration through each artist’s practice and side projects. Eschewing the notion of a cohesive body of work, Tryouts is just that: a rehearsal or trying out of many methods of living and working creatively. From murals to crocheted blankets, this exhibit is a broad survey of artistic production.

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