Board and Funders

Board and Funders

Board of Trustees

Kim Battista Artist        
Amy Bonitz Project Manager, Bonitz Palmer, LLC
David Beaudouin Communications Consultant
Christy Bergland Artist and Art Therapist, Sheppard Pratt Hospital    
Mark Carter Program Manager, Elev8 Baltimore
Cheryl Casciani Dir. of Neighborhood Sustainability, BCF        
Wayne Ching Career/Life Planning Advisor        
Kini Collins, Secretary Artist        
Rachel Edds Planning Consultant      
Deric Emry Venture Partner @ Greenspring Associates          
Eric Fenton Development Manager, Bozzuto           
Margaret Footner Executive Director, Creative Alliance          
Chuck Geser Tax Accountant        
Susan Gould, Vice President Owner, Baltimore Gallery          
Kempton Ingersol Senior Manager, Brown Capital Management    
Seema Iyer Associate Director, Jacob France Institute    
Mark LaPointe Architect, GWWO, Architects    
Robin Theresa Lewis Special Asst., MD Health Benefits Exchange    
Melinda Maluga VP of Human Resources at APG Federal Credit Union    
Patricia Massey President, Metroscape Development Inc.    
Kathleen McGinley Employment Lawyer, Jackson Lewis    
Sandra J. McLelland Senior Council, Under Armour            
Lat Naylor Artist            
Amy Eva Raehse Gallery Director, Goya Contemporary      
Rebecca Rothey Dir. of Gift Planning & Sr. Philanthropic Advisor at JHU          
Janet Smith Chief Business Officer, OneMain Financial           
Julia Kim Smith Artist          
Christina D. Tabuteau Relationship Liaison, M&T Bank    
Tanya Terrell Consultant, Associated Black Charities     
Terri Turner, President   Associate General Counsel, Johns Hopkins University    
Vicki Vaughn Associate, Chesapeake Community Advisors    
Gary Vikan Principal, Vikan Consulting    
Roberta Wilson, Treasurer Principal/Manager, Gary R. Bozel and Associates    
Honorary Board Members:          
Mary Jo Gordon Owner, Gallerie Francoise, e.s.f.      
Perry Sfikas Maryland Parole Commission      


Executive Committee   Strategic Planning Committee   Governance Committee  
David Beaudouin Christy Bergland Cheryl Casciani, Chair  
Christy Bergland Rachel Edds Mark Carter    
Cheryl Casciani Margaret Footner Margaret Footner    
Rachel Edds Chuck Geser Susan Gould    
Margaret Footner Susan Gould Terri Turner    
Susan Gould, Chair Terri Turner      
Kempton Ingersol        
Terri Turner          
Finance Committee Development Committee Members Committee  
Kempton Ingersol, Chair Patty Bond Jeremy Stern    
Margaret Footner Mark Carter Christy Bergland, Chair  
Chuck Geser Wayne Ching Kini Collins    
Robert Manankil Charlene Conner Kelly Davies    
Candace Mitchell Rachel Edds, Chair Karen Ellis     
Roberta Johnson Margaret Footner      
  Lat Naylor        
  Amy Raehse      
  Terri Turner      
Building Committee Art To Dine For Committee Marquee Ball Committee
Kim Battista, Chair Kim Battista, Chair Eddie & Suzie Dunn, Chair    
Christy Bergland Cheryl Casciani, Chair Lat Naylor, Chair    
Margaret Footner Charlene Conner Amy Eva Raehse    
Susan Gould Terri Turner    
Pat Massey Charlene Conner       
Candace Mitchell        

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