Art To Dine For

Sat Nov 17

John and Arlene Brothers open their home and their hearts, and invite you and your family to meet inspiring community artists from Baltimore neighborhoods. Join WombWork Productions in rhythmic drumming, hear Baltimore’s Youth Poet Laureate from DewMore Baltimore, and view the inspiring illustrative artwork of Akia Jones. Mera Kitchen Collective, a community-driven, food-based cooperative that focuses on empowering refugee and immigrant women, serves enticing food throughout the late afternoon. Our last Art To Dine For of the season promises to be an event like no other!

Sat Apr 6

Greenmount Cemetery, Baltimore's first rural garden cemetery, now a mystical urban oasis, is a treasure trove of architectural beauty and a Who's Who of famous Baltimoreans. Join historian Wayne Schaumburg for a walking tour of this magnificent place where people are dying to get in! Enjoy a tasty champagne brunch across the street at Open Works, Baltimore’s largest community-oriented makerspace.

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